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About us

In response to the rapid development of biotechnological industry in Taiwan, the Biochemical Engineering Research Center aims to improve the techniques of cell cultures of Chinese herbal plants and metabolite production on the basis of a modern fermentation engineering platform set up by the university. The center also intends to undertake research projects which integrate resources coming from industries, colleges, and research centers to create a practical and complete operation mechanism for biochemical industry. Such an operation mechanism is expected to address issues related to the R&D and rulemaking of identification of plant origin, screening of active components, toxicology, pharmacology, and others.


Our future plans include:

1.Set up Plant Cell Culture Lab, Plant Cell Bioprocess Lab, Plant Cell Isolation Lab, etc.

2.Establish cooperation relationships with Academic Sinica, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Development Center for Biotechnology, and Food Industry Research and Development Institute which have had advanced techniques within the field of plant biochemistry.

3.Promote cooperation with enterprises of scientific herbal medicine and biotech companies.